Audio Visual Sources

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Films and Videos

Benedict, E., & Scramble, T. (Directors). (1962). Breakfast epiphany [Film]. Singular Productions.

Vilnius, R. (Director). (2015). Unboxing the latest antidepressants from Senegal [Film; two-disc speical ed. on Blu-ray]. Lithuanian Lithium Association.

Youtube Videos

Manning, C. [Styledog]. (2011, December 5). How to cite videos in APA [Video].


Jones, A. (Host), & Jones, B. (Executive Producer). (2017-2018). Planet sunny [Audio Podcast]. Smile Productions.

Podcast Episode

Radcliffe, N. (Host). (2015, September 15). The one that got away (No. 23) [Audio podcast episode]. In Lab Rats.

Television Series

Willburg, C., & Flincher, D. (Executive producers). (2011-17). Thirteen unlucky teens [TV series].  Rooibos TV.

Television Episode

Ornery, F. (Writer), & Flincher, D. (Director). (2017, May 5). Matilda’s cat [TV series episode]. In C. Willburg (Executive producer), Thirteen unlucky teens. Rooibos TV.

Music Album

Brundage, K. (2015). Waking up beside you [Album]. Bottled Angst Records.

Single Song

Brundage, K. (2015). What’s that tattoo? [Song]. On Waking up beside you [CD]. Bottled Angst Records.


Clefbom, C. (2015). Apple tree in the backyard [Photograph]. Clefbom Museum.

For more information about citing audio-visual sources, please see pp. 341-47 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).