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Need to cite a review of a book or film? This page will teach you how, using the APA guidelines (6th ed.)

Citing Reviews

Basic Format

The default format for reviews involves a book review published in a journal:

Reviewer, A. A. (Date of the review’s publication). Review Title [Review of the book Title, by A. A. Author]. Periodical, volume(issue), pages. DOI

Here’s an example:

Rutgers, A. (2010, December 22). I may be Greek, but I’m not narcissistic. [Review of the book The Psychological Make-up of Six European Nations, by E. Pratt]. Psychobabble Magazine, 66(1), 22-23. https://doi.org/10.1919/aff12098855

Note that many of the parts of a review entry can be changed:

  • If the review lacks a title, leave it out [but keep the next section in square brackets].
  • If the review is anonymous, place the title (or if there is no title, the square brackets section) before the date of publication.
  • If the review is of a different medium than a book, change “Review of the book” to whatever description is appropriate (e.g., “Review of the video game”). In addition, replace the author of the book (E. Pratt in our example) with the producer and the date (e.g., “produced by Capstone Films, 2009”).
  • If the review is not published in a journal and/or lacks a DOI, provide retrieval information instead (e.g., “Retrieved from URL”).


As an example of the changes you can make to the basic format, here is a film review that lacks a title and has been reviewed on a blog:

Cringeworthy, E. (2014). [Review of the film The Bridge to Somewhere, produced by Synopsis Films, 2013]. Retrieved from https://www.pathologicalfilms.com/blog/bridge-to-somewhere/


For more information about citing reviews, please see pp. 208-09 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).