Need to cite a review of a book or film? This page will teach you how, using the APA guidelines (7th ed.)

Citing Reviews

Basic Format

The default format for reviews involves a book review published in a journal:

Reviewer, A. A. (Date of the review’s publication). Review Title [Review of the book Title, by A. A. Author]. Periodical, volume(issue), pages. DOI or URL

Here’s an example:

Rutgers, A. (2010, December 22). I may be Greek, but I’m not narcissistic. [Review of the book The Psychological Make-up of Six European Nations, by E. Pratt]. Psychobabble Magazine, 66(1), 22-23.

If the review is of a different medium than a book, change “Review of the book” to whatever description is appropriate (e.g., “Review of the film”). The same goes for the author of the material under review. For example, you might replace the author of the book (E. Pratt in our example) with the director (e.g., “by B. Alonso, Dir.).


As an example of the changes you can make to the basic format, here is a film review published in a newspaper:

Cringeworthy, E. (2014). Nowhere Close. [Review of the film The Bridge to Somewhere, by F. Synopsis, Dir.]. The Millenial Times

For more information about citing reviews, please see pp. 234-35 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).