Additional Resources


We’re not a dictionary, so we won’t provide an explanation of every last word. If you’re interested in expanding your vocabulary further, here are some website recommendations.


If you like to learn more about the origins of words, check out the Online Etymology Dictionary.

Obscure Words and Expressions

For a treasure trove of articles about particular words and phrases, have a look at Michael Quinion’s World Wide Words. Although Quinion is no longer adding new content, there is a wealth of information here.

You might also check out the quirky Phrontistery or subscribe to a dictionary of your choice to learn the “word of the day.” In fact, if you want to make a game out of learning new words, we would particularly recommend

Fooling Around

If you just want to play around with language, check out Rhymezone for rhymes, the Urban Dictionary for sometimes strange definitions, or an anagram solver for your new pseudonym.


There are countless other websites dedicated to words, but hopefully these suggestions should get you started!