Our Team

Hi, we’re currently a team of two passionate people creating better resources for writers and readers. 

Author: Conrad van Dyk

I am a professor of English at Concordia University of Edmonton. In 2020, I was awarded my university’s top recognition for outstanding teaching (the Judith C. Meier Teaching Award). Mentoring students is my passion, which is why I originally created The Nature of Writing as a more engaging and affordable writing guide. I continue to do more traditional research too, having published especially on medieval law and literature. I am currently working with a colleague on a book about G. K. Chesterton. As for hobbies, I like to do some creative writing (check out my children’s podcast “Sophie and Sebastian”), play boardgames (not the Monopoly type), run longer distances, and spend time with my wife and kids.     

Developer: Levi Breederland

I have been working in the IT industry for a decade, focusing on systems administration and website development. Currently I am the systems administrator at The Gilbertine Institute and take care of the development side of the Nature of Writing, constantly working to add features, improve user experience, and keep things running smoothly. Born to immigrants and raised near Vancouver, Canada, I now live north of Edmonton, Alberta, with my wife and kids. In my spare time not in front of a computer, I enjoy brewing strange drinks, reading a good book, or cycling the prairie roads, all done while humming a song or two.