Privacy Policy

The Nature of Writing is a product of Sprung Rhythm Publishing. While we are a for-profit company, we are committed to protecting student data and ensuring a positive learning environment. Not only do we provide a public service by sharing many of our lessons for free (open access), but we have adopted the following clear principles to ensure user privacy:

  1. We do not sell student data to third parties.
  2. We collect as little data as possible. 
  3. Student data is used for enabling and enhancing the user experience; for allowing instructors and parents to monitor student progress; and for internal research to improve our services. 
  4. We ask users to create strong passwords.
  5. We do not store your financial information on our website. All payments are handled externally through Paypal.
  6. Videos embedded on the website are hosted by YouTube, which collects select analytics data (e.g., view counts). Some of our YouTube videos that do not appear on our website contain advertising. We do not include advertising on our own platform. 
  7. Users can request deletion of their personal data (visit your profile and account settings for details).