Punctuation Quizzes

Here you’ll find printable versions of all our punctuation quizzes. For more quizzes, as well as terms of use, please visit our complete quiz archive.


Apostrophes Singular and Plural Quiz 1

Apostrophes Possession Review Quiz 1

Apostrophes and Contraction Quiz 1

Apostrophes Its Quiz 1

Apostrophes Review Quiz 1

Commas: Major Patterns

Commas Between Independent Clauses Quiz 1

Commas After Introductory Phrases Quiz 1

Commas After A Dependent Clause Quiz 1

Commas Around Non-Essential Information Quiz 1

Commas Between Coordinate Adjectives Quiz 1

Commas Major Patterns Review Quiz 1

Commas Major Patterns Review Quiz 2


Semi-Colons Quiz 1

Semi-Colons Quiz 2

Semi-Colons Quiz 3

Semi-Colons Review Quiz 1


Colons Before Lists Quiz

Colons Before Appositives Quiz

Colons Between Independent Clauses Quiz


The Em Dash Quiz 1

Question Marks

Question Marks Quiz 1

Question Marks Quiz 2

Question Marks Quiz 3

Exclamation Marks

Exclamation Marks Quiz 1


Parentheses Quiz 1


Punctuation Review Quiz 1

Punctuation Review Quiz 2