Quiz Report FAQ

If you’re an instructor and have any questions on how to use our quiz reporting, hopefully this FAQ can help you out!

What does “pending” mean?

When it shows that a quiz score is pending, that normally means that the student has not yet taken the quiz. If you go to a quiz that you have not assigned, you’ll see that all the answers are pending.

How can I tell if a student has done a quiz?

If a student claims to have done a quiz but you cannot see the result, please check the following:

  • Ask them to check on their student profile first. By clicking on the Subject area, they should be able to see their quiz results.
  • Make sure they were logged in when they did the quiz.
  • Ask if they pressed “Submit” after doing the quiz.

Why can I not see the quiz results?

Make sure that you use the “customize columns” option to hide the columns you don’t need to see.

I cannot see the right quiz in the dropdown menu

Make sure you select the right group, subject, and quiz. In addition, not all the quizzes in the dropdown menu will be listed in the regular lesson order.