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The Nature of Writing is a university-level writing guide that just happens to provide great writing instruction for all levels of education. We provide 200+ lessons, 200+ videos, and 100+ quizzes, and we’re adding new content all the time.

Textbooks are expensive, but ours is not. All our lessons are open access, which means that you can access them free of charge. However, many quizzes are restricted to enrolled users, and if you want to have your own profile do we charge a small fee ($15 Canadian). We try to keep the price as low as possible, and you may receive a discount if your teacher has assigned the text. The typical discount ranges from 10-15%, though if you’re a student at Concordia University of Edmonton (the author’s institution), you get a 100% discount. Discounts are based on your email extension, so make sure you register using your school email.

Having your own profile provides a richer and more immersive experience. You can track your course progress and keep a record of your quiz results. In addition, if your teacher has chosen The Nature of Writing as a textbook, they may ask you to enroll in their course and share your results. Please watch the video above for a demo of what having your own profile looks like.


Here are some additional benefits of using The Nature of Writing:

  • Our guide is super easy to navigate.
  • Our writing examples are actually interesting. Most sample sentences are either humorously nonsensical or are fascinating facts about nature, culture, history, and much more. And have you check out the ridiculous examples of citations in our three reference guides?
  • Our lessons follow the Universal Design for Learning guidelines, especially in providing multiple means of engagement. Most lessons come in video and text format, and students can constantly test their knowledge by completing quizzes.
  • Instructional videos include close captioning.
  • We provide so much more than just writing advice. Check out our additional subjects section for a host of other lessons.
  • The Nature of Writing is designed and created by an award-winning professor.
  • This project is a labour of love. It is inspired by students and created for students.

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