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If you are an instructor, a tutor, or a parent of a homeschool student, you are eligible for a free trial account. You can choose from one of the following two options:

  • An initial 3-month free trial (no commitment necessary)
  • A 4-year membership (available if you adopt the text for your students)

Send us an email with some information about what you teach and where, and we’ll help you get started. Homeschool parents, please first purchase a membership for your child before emailing us for a monitoring account (should you need one).

If you have already purchased an account, we can easily upgrade it to a teacher account if you meet the criteria.

Having your own profile allows you to keep track of course progress and quiz results. In addition, if you assign our writing guide to your students, you can see their results as well. This requires students to purchase an account, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable text for your courses!

The Nature of Writing contains 200+ lessons, 200+ videos, and 100+ quizzes. We provide both open access lessons and premium paid content, meaning that students can continue to use the basic features of the writing guide after their membership ends.


Here are some advantages to adopting The Nature of Writing as your course textbook:

  • Students often find print writing guides hard to navigate.
  • Our lessons follow the Universal Design for Learning guidelines, especially in providing multiple means of engagement. Most lessons come in video and text format, and students can constantly test their knowledge by completing quizzes.
  • Instructional videos include close captioning.
  • We provide more than just writing advice. Check out our additional subjects section for a host of other lessons.
  • Instructors can access printable versions of the quizzes.
  • The Nature of Writing is peer reviewed in real time. Thousands of users read our text every week, and when someone spots the occasional error, we make the correction right away. That said, we take great pride in proofreading all new lessons carefully.
  • Our writing advice aims to balance prescriptive and descriptive approaches to teaching grammar.
  • The Nature of Writing is designed and created by an award-winning teacher.


“The Nature of Writing is an invaluable tool for students in my junior- and senior-level English courses, who use it for everything from honing their grammar skills to polishing their thesis statements. Students find the website very accessible; it is easy to navigate and describes complex subjects in a clear and approachable manner. As an instructor, I’m impressed by the intellectual rigor of the content and feel confident using the website as a teaching tool.”

Dr. Linda van Netten Blimke, Associate Professor of English