New Feature: Diagnostic Tests

Our writing guide covers a great many subjects. To help you determine which courses are best for you, we've added a set of diagnostic tests.

Each test has between 12 and 20 questions that will help you figure out how well you know the material. The most important part is not your final score (since you might guess correctly), but how easy or difficult you found the questions. That will assist you in figuring out what subjects to study first.

Tests cover the following subjects:

   1. Parts of Speech
   2. Sentence Structure
   3. Common Sentence Errors
   4. Using Quotations
   5. Essay Writing
   6. Punctuation
   7. Mechanics

Although the diagnostic tests can be purchased by themselves, they are included at no extra charge as part of our writing guide bundle. Existing users who have bought the writing guide are also automatically granted access.

Do you have other ideas for new features? Let us know. We're always seeking to improve the student experience.
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