The Art of Diagramming Sentences

Discover the art of diagramming and learn how to take apart and analyze sentences. Diagramming provides a fun way to learn about parts of speech and sentence structure.
This introductory course covers all the parts of speech and will teach you to make sense of sentences that consist of a single independent clause.
Note that this course contains some overlap with our courses on parts of speech and sentence structure, but adds an exciting new element: diagramming. 
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What makes this course unique?


Every lesson is short and to the point.

Numerous Exercises

With 25 exercises and 2 review tests, you'll get all the practice you need.

Video Tutorials

We know students learn best when they see things in action.

Range of Difficulty

Our exercise questions vary from easy to challenging.

Self-paced Learning

Go at your own pace and review what you've learned.


Everything you need to learn the basics of diagramming for a low price.

Understand Grammar Visually

The beauty of diagramming is that it allows you to visualize the structure of a sentence. You can see how the grammar works. For an overview of the course, check out the video below.
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Course Contents

Improve your grammar

Learn all the basics of diagramming sentences. Purchase your 1-year course access and get started.
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