Our Vision

Welcome to The Nature of Writing, a writing guide for anyone who would like a little help with their writing.

We want you to experience something of the beauty and complexity of language, so that you can take pleasure in an apt word, an elegant turn of phrase, or a polished essay.

Our target audience consists of high-school and university students. Our goal is to help students (and teachers) achieve a higher standard of writing. If we struggle with language, our thoughts and ideas will also lack complexity. Improving literacy is therefore the first step in improving our ability to think on a higher level.

Yet writing is about more than learning a few rules. The rules act like the lines on a colouring page, or a frame around a painting. They set limits and create order, but they are not the picture itself. In the same way, the best writing seems natural: we no longer notice the frame. Finding that balance between spontaneity and order is something we’ll help you with.

All our lessons are open access, and free to use. At the moment, our quizzes are also open, but in the future we will likely restrict some of them to enrolled users. We charge only a small price ($15 Canadian) if you would like to have your own student profile. You can even think of this as a way to make a donation, so we can keep as many of our resources open as possible. In addition, we offer discounts for teachers and schools. Please contact us if you’re interested or would like more details.

We hope you enjoy your time on The Nature of Writing!